I'm João, a creative Product Designer with a passion for problem-solving.

What I'm currently doing:

User Interface Designer at XING

Barcelona, Spain. Early 2015 - present

XING is a social network for business professionals focused on the German-speaking market. I’m part of an international team distributed between 2 countries and we are working on B2B E-recruiting products. I’m responsible for the interaction and visual design of these products.

I’m also part of the design team responsible for the creation of design patterns and a Sketch master file used by all 50 designers in the company.

What I did previously:

Founding Product Designer at TravelPerk

Barcelona, Spain. Early 2015

I was invited by one of the co-founders of TravelPerk to work for the 1-week old start-up and reinvent the way companies book and manage business travels.

I was the first UX Designer to join the company (officialy employee #5) and crafted the first wireframes and visual designs for the first public website and MVP. I also created their first design guidelines book for future designers.

User Experience Designer at Booking

Barcelona, Spain. Late 2014

Booking is an online accommodation booking website and I joined them in July 2014 to work on user research and user testing for a new B2B product.

After research I was also responsible to create wireframes and visual mockups to implement new features in the product. I was working in the Barcelona office within an international team and a remote team in Seattle.

User Experience Designer Designer at log

Lisbon, Portugal. 2013-2014

At log I worked as a consultant in a wide range of projects for companies like Victoria Insurance, AdvanceCare and Portugal Ministry of Justice.

I had the opportunity to join the company when we were restructuring the UX methodology for future projects and was involved in research. My tasks ranged from the creation of wireframes, visual design mockups and coding prototypes (so called click-dummies) for user testing.

Front End Internship at Biodroid Entertainment

Lisbon, Portugal. Late 2012

While I was in university, one of my professors invited me to work for his company Biodroid, a famous game and entertainment studio in Portugal.

As a Front-end Developer I was responsible for developing a Samsung Smart TV app for London 2012 Olympic Games. The TV app was entirely made with HTML5, jQuery/JavaScript and Samsung Smart TV SDK.

Side projects

Co-Founder at Viagens Flash

Barcelona, Spain. Early 2017

I'm a co-founder, designer and editor on, a website that aggregates cheap travel deals from Portugal to countries all over the world.

In this project we focused on the Portuguese market because 70% of the population never traveled abroad and we wanted to change that.

Founder of Tint UI

Barcelona, Spain. Early 2015 - Early 2017

I was the founder, designer and coder of, a color-picker web tool for designers to copy hexadecimal color codes of official color palettes.

This project was one of my hobbies and was featured in popular websites like Designer News and Tympanus, surpassing 10.000 visitors in the first month.


Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia

Lisbon, Portugal. 2010 - 2013

I did my Bachelor's degree at School Of Communication and Media Studies in Lisbon. It is a landmark institution in communication's higher education in Portugal and the preferred partner of recruitment companies and organizations.

I had multi-disciplinary classes and my favorites were: Photography, Marketing and Design Communication, Visual and Text Analysis and also 3D Modeling.